Sunday, June 15, 2008

an update

Only a month has passed! And it's gone so quickly. And I'm very well and bouncing about full of energy. My fortnightly visits to the herbal medicine man have had good reports, so - health wise - things are great.

I was pleased to be able to attend the National POWERtalk conference in Campbelltown. There were some excellent workshops and it was a chance for me to see people from all over the country that I hadn't seen for a long time. It was fun and rewarding.
And then, of course, I jetted off to Honkers and spent two weeks with Nikki and her family there. There are some pics here, of course ! As well as taking Zeke to the school bus and meeting him in the afternoon, I went with Willow to her playgroup and to both their swimming lessons as well as many trips to the swimming pool and the playground. The rest of the time was spent with all of them in the home environment or out walking. It was very special. No shopping whatsoever - can you believe it? But I did go out to a nice restaurant one night, with Nikki and a friend, followed by a reflexology massage. That was particularly great because just that morning Nikki and I had hiked from the harbour up to The Peak on Hong Kong Island. My feet and calves certainly appreciated the treatment that night. I then continued to do that every second day to build up my fitness. We also went to see the Queen Rock Musical "We Will Rock You".
Since returning home I've been trying to do some more hiking to increase my level of fitness. The weather hasn't been too kind, but I've managed to do a fair bit of walking - long walks as well as going places by foot instead of taking the car. That has a few benefits, of course - -especially with the price of petrol at the moment!
And just to add to the mix, I've taken on an on-line course which, if I manage to pass all assessments, will allow me to perform civil marriage ceremonies. I'm finding it very interesting - lots of reading and legal stuff - and challenging assignments. So far so good.
Thanks for reading. Talk soon

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Red Shoes said...

Perform marriage ceremonies?? Now we just have to find someone to provide the potential partners! LOL!
Great that you are walking so much and getting super fit -- putting us all to shame again, are you? -- Take care though to wear the best foot wear when you do this much walking. I have just discovered that the reason for the extreme pain in my feet whilst walking the Camino was that I had stress fractures in both feet -- three in one foot and two in another. Getting older and osteoporosis of course adds to the probability of this happening -- so do take care!
I look forward to going walking with you some time soon!