Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back on my bike

Well, following the good news from the tests, the weather has also improved, so I've been motivated to venture out on my bicycle again. The chain was off, the tyres were flat, there were cobwebs decorating the spokes and pedals - but it is still in working order and after a good friend gave it some TLC, it's now up and running and so am I.

I first ventured out yesterday, on the spur of the moment, after sitting in the sun to have my breakfast and my morning cuppa. The day was so beautiful and there was only a gentle breeze, so I donned my riding gear and took off. I only went a few kilometres before I was puffing and my thighs were burning from the effort, but it felt good.

So, I have been out again this morning (another top day) and cycled twice as far as I did yesterday. The cycle path travels along the coastline beside all the beautiful beaches, so it is always such a pleasure to be on the path. For those of you who know it - yesterday I made it to Fairy Meadow beach and today I went as far as Bellambi Lagoon. There are seats strategically located along the way, so a nice 5 minute rest is in order before turning back.

I hope the next ride will take me to Bulli, to Sea Salt Cafe where I can treat myself to tea and a toasted muffin before turning back.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Sydney tomorrow for a long weekend with 'the girls' in the big smoke. On Saturday we will see the play Namatjira at the Belvoir Street Theatre. Really looking forward to that as it has excellent reviews.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good news from latest tests

Good news today. I had a blood test last week and a CT scan this morning. I collected the scan and report from the radiologist and went straight to the surgeon to hear the results. And Yippee!!!! both blood and CT reports say all is clear and all is fine. The surgeon says he is very pleased. Me too :)

These pics are from the two weddings I conducted over the recent weekend. In the above I am with the groom and his best man, waiting on the bride's arrival. We were at Fountaindale Grand Manor at Robertson in the Southern Highlands.

This wedding was held at Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa on the south coast.

Both were beautiful and it was a great pleasure for me to officiate.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Celebrated Dad's 90th birthday

Dad (striped shirt) with some of his special guests. He doesn't look 90, does he! The red-shirted 76 year-old looks older, don't you think?

My Dad turns 90 on 8th October. In Australia this recent weekend was a holiday weekend, so we decided to hold the celebrations this weekend. A picnic in the park was planned and during the week leading up to the party day the weather was fine and sunny, if a little cold. That would have been fine........ but............. the night before the party, the heavens opened and delivered all the rain that had been held back over the past months. So... on the morning of the party I had to cancel the picnic and move the celebrations into the house - which is only next door to the park.

Fortunately not all the people who would have come for the picnic arrived, but we had quite a nice crowd of people call in during the afternoon for a glass of wine and a piece of birthday cake. Dad had a great afternoon - that's all that matters :)

It was a great day. We'll have more, quieter celebrations on Friday 8th.

And then on to - moving him to his new abode and emptying his house in readiness for settlement in December. And for me - more scans and blood tests and cosultations. Life is busy!!