Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seasons Greetings

Wishing all my blog readers a sensational Christmas and new year celebration. May 2011 be the best ever for you.

Don't you love my little Willow beside her Christmas tree at home in Durban? They are in Oz now and will be celebrating Christmas in Adelaide. But they'll be back to the NSW south coast in the new year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boys sleeping

Father and son having an afternoon nap :)

22 December

Well, time is just flying. And so am I. Today I've flown back to the Gold Coast to spend Christmas and a few more days with Tim and Oscar. It was a 4am start this morning to make it to the airport for a 7am flight. All went well, everything on time and I'm now ensconsed at Southport with the boys.

On Monday I sweated most of the day waiting to call the peritonectomy surgical team to hear the outcome of their deliberations over my case..... only to be let down by the news that the main surgeon has been stranded in the UK with the terrible weather, and the meeting could not resolve anything. All that pent-up anticipation and preparation for having to make a decision (perhaps)........... what an anti-climax. Not good for the nerves, let alone the tumours that are, no doubt, growing by the minute. They don't know it's the holiday season and they should take a break too! Also no result from the pathology test to determine chemotherapy treatment. And now, of course, it's the holiday season and NOTHING happens.

Best to just try to stay calm, get plenty of rest and enjoy the time I have with my gorgeous family during this time.

I am grateful for wonderful family and friends who have been supportive and attentive and enterprising in entertaining me to Christmas drinks, lunches et al. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

This week and next .....

This past week has been full - the campervan hasn't moved all week! :(

Monday - Hospital - had an angio-CAT scan to check out my liver - all OK. Then meetings with doctors who are part of the peritonectomy team. It was a harrowing day. I will know more about potential surgery next Monday afternoon. Chauffeured and supported all day by my stirling friend, Roslyn

Tuesday - different hospital -had a porta-cath inserted in my chest in preparation for delivery of chemotherapy. Stayed overnight

Wednesday - lovely day with Nikki and Zeke and Willow

Thursday - The Wiggles concert with Zeke. Willow was too frightened to see them ??!! :)
Then I drove them all to the airport to fly to Adelaide for Christmas and went on to catch up with my good friend, Wilna, who is going off on her 10 month African super-safari in the new year

Wilna's gift to me (apart from her delightful company and the wonderful catch-up we had) was a beautiful, illustrated book written by Barack Obama called "of Thee I sing - a letter to my daughters". Look out for it in book stores.

Friday - it's only yesterday, but I can't remember - except that I didn't stop all day :)

This morning (Saturday) - meeting with a delightful couple to begin the plans for their wedding ceremony in Margaret River in April next year.

Next week - flying to the Gold Coast for a week to spend Christmas with Tim and Oscar.

it is now Saturday 18 December 1pm

Monday, December 13, 2010

The rest of my first campervan trip

Lesley has a sister living at Fisherman's Reach, near Kempsey. It's a beautiful, natural 30 acre property on the McLeay River. We spent Tuesday night there with Heather and Bob.

On Wednesday morning we visited nearby Gladstone, a gorgeous little village near Kempsey where the buildings are immaculately restored and maintained and there are interesting galleries and riverfront cafes.

Our afternoon drive took us as far as Old Bar, on the coast near Taree. We stayed in the caravan park there, right on the beach, and it was the first night of really using all the campervan features - including cooking our own 'gourmet' meal.

After a leisurely morning, we finally packed up at check-out time and headed south again, finishing up at The Entrance on the Central Coast. No pics taken here, as we got in after dark following a delicious Italian meal, and spent far too long chatting to locals the next morning about the interesting collection of bric-a-brac on display in the park's camp kitchen. We had to get on the road in time to be at North Ryde to visit Dr Chen by 1pm.

Dr. Chen was concerned about my latest diagnosis and has changed my herbal regime to cater for the onslaught of chemotherapy - yet to commence!

The grand finale of this trip was, after the visit to Dr. Chen, to arrive at the international terminal by 3.30pm to meet Nikki and Zeke and Willow after their long flight from Durban. It is so wonderful to see them, since it is February when I was with them in Durban.

First day on the road

Day #1 on the road from Southport to Yamba

Me and my 'woody'

Dinner view from the pub at Yamba where I was joined by friends Judith and Morton

First night in the van was fine, although I was a little spoiled being able to use the bathroom in J and M's cabin rather than the public amenities at the caravan park.

After the next morning in Yamba in brilliant sunshine, I drove on to Coffs Harbour where I met my friend Lesley who is to travel home with me ....................