Monday, December 13, 2010

The rest of my first campervan trip

Lesley has a sister living at Fisherman's Reach, near Kempsey. It's a beautiful, natural 30 acre property on the McLeay River. We spent Tuesday night there with Heather and Bob.

On Wednesday morning we visited nearby Gladstone, a gorgeous little village near Kempsey where the buildings are immaculately restored and maintained and there are interesting galleries and riverfront cafes.

Our afternoon drive took us as far as Old Bar, on the coast near Taree. We stayed in the caravan park there, right on the beach, and it was the first night of really using all the campervan features - including cooking our own 'gourmet' meal.

After a leisurely morning, we finally packed up at check-out time and headed south again, finishing up at The Entrance on the Central Coast. No pics taken here, as we got in after dark following a delicious Italian meal, and spent far too long chatting to locals the next morning about the interesting collection of bric-a-brac on display in the park's camp kitchen. We had to get on the road in time to be at North Ryde to visit Dr Chen by 1pm.

Dr. Chen was concerned about my latest diagnosis and has changed my herbal regime to cater for the onslaught of chemotherapy - yet to commence!

The grand finale of this trip was, after the visit to Dr. Chen, to arrive at the international terminal by 3.30pm to meet Nikki and Zeke and Willow after their long flight from Durban. It is so wonderful to see them, since it is February when I was with them in Durban.

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Anonymous said...

First road trip = success, many more to come xxx