Tuesday, December 21, 2010

22 December

Well, time is just flying. And so am I. Today I've flown back to the Gold Coast to spend Christmas and a few more days with Tim and Oscar. It was a 4am start this morning to make it to the airport for a 7am flight. All went well, everything on time and I'm now ensconsed at Southport with the boys.

On Monday I sweated most of the day waiting to call the peritonectomy surgical team to hear the outcome of their deliberations over my case..... only to be let down by the news that the main surgeon has been stranded in the UK with the terrible weather, and the meeting could not resolve anything. All that pent-up anticipation and preparation for having to make a decision (perhaps)........... what an anti-climax. Not good for the nerves, let alone the tumours that are, no doubt, growing by the minute. They don't know it's the holiday season and they should take a break too! Also no result from the pathology test to determine chemotherapy treatment. And now, of course, it's the holiday season and NOTHING happens.

Best to just try to stay calm, get plenty of rest and enjoy the time I have with my gorgeous family during this time.

I am grateful for wonderful family and friends who have been supportive and attentive and enterprising in entertaining me to Christmas drinks, lunches et al. :)

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