Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life wasn't meant to be easy!

I'm not sure if it was Malcolm Fraser who coined this phrase which has since become almost a cliche - but whoever it was - it sure is true - moreso for some than for others.

And at the moment, it applies to me!

A persistent pain in my left side sent me to doctors who pushed me around with all sorts of diagnoses that I wasn't satisfied with. Eventually the oncologist, who had given me an "all clear" only a month ago, decided I should have a definitive PET scan (which identifies cancerous lesions)

And it did - identify an agressive one in my abdomen on the left side and 3 small ones on the chest wall - also on the left side.

so....... off to the surgeon to discuss having it surgically removed - that's next Wednesday

and off for a digital mammogram to see if I also have a new primary breast cancer - that's next Monday this space!