Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good news from latest tests

Good news today. I had a blood test last week and a CT scan this morning. I collected the scan and report from the radiologist and went straight to the surgeon to hear the results. And Yippee!!!! both blood and CT reports say all is clear and all is fine. The surgeon says he is very pleased. Me too :)

These pics are from the two weddings I conducted over the recent weekend. In the above I am with the groom and his best man, waiting on the bride's arrival. We were at Fountaindale Grand Manor at Robertson in the Southern Highlands.

This wedding was held at Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa on the south coast.

Both were beautiful and it was a great pleasure for me to officiate.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Terrie, wow your Dad looks wonderful, it must be the year that he was born, like my Dad. You look great in the wedding photos and am pleased you are getting more bookings as it helps fill the piggy bank. I am so pleased with your results. I think we should catch up for coffee to celebrate. love Helen