Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The good news continues

Yes! Yesterday I had the blood test and today went to the oncologist for the results. And they were all good! What a relief. Liver function readings have all improved, tumour marker is steady and platelet count is back to normal. Wow - I must be doing something right. Everyone kept telling me that I look well and that my colour is good - and now I believe it.

Tomorrow I see the Chinese herbalist, who will be just as pleased and positive, I'm sure.

My time on the Gold Coast is finished. The last two weeks were wonderfully warm and I spent a great deal of time just sitting in the sun and walking on the beach letting the warmth soak into my bones. It felt so good. Back home in Wollongong now - it's cold and windy with a wintry sun. Not quite the same as up north.

So normal life resumes - whatever 'normal' is. Actually I don't really think it's quite normal for me to be watching so much television - but the performance of the Olympians is so compelling that I am spending quite a bit of time out of the cold wind and in front of the television. It's so inspirational to see the efforts and achievements of the young and not-so-young athletes. Of course I'm cheering for the Aussies, but they are all so impressive - striving so hard and elated with their victories. It's exhausting - and I've only just recovered from Wimbledon tennis and the Tour de France with Cadell Evans! What a feast of sporting excellence right in my own lounge room!

Hope you're enjoying it all too. Talk again soon.


David Winter said...

Hi Terrie
Great news re you health. Most encouraging. You are obviously delighted.
Sharing your enthusiasm with Games 08 watching, with girls 4x100 medly my fav so far (Grant a close 2nd in my all time favs. Perkins No1

Keep up the good work....David Winter

Steph said...

Terrie - You are the most remarkable creature! The Energizer Bunny of Woolongong!
Sunny Seaside sends greetings and thinks of you often! Big watches, g & ts, almonds and raisins, Honda travels...