Sunday, November 23, 2008

how time flies

My goodness, how time flies. I've been having so much fun that I didn't realise that it's over a month since I wrote anything here.

Well, in a nutshell - life in Pottsville is almost over. I leave on Friday, stay the weekend in Coffs Harbour for a Teachers' College reunion and then drive back to the Gong.

I've been continuing to enjoy this northern New South Wales environment, meeting new people, soaking up the sun, playing tennis, riding my bike, catching up with friends and family members and - during the past 2 weeks - hosting some friends visiting from Wollongong. It's been great.

I've also had good news from blood tests - liver function and tumour markers are steady - so nothing's getting worse!Oscar with his Mum and his cake

My grandson, Oscar, has turned one; I've finally become an officially registered Civil Marriage Celebrant in Australia; I had a fun day at the Murwillumbah Races on Melbourne Cup Day (won nothing though) and I've managed to get many family members to commit to a family Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve at my father's home in Wollongong. Lots of you will know how hard that is to achieve with family spread all over the place and the families of partners/spouses also having to be considered.

And Yes, Linda and Michelle, I am the Mrs Eddy who taught PE at SCEGGS Gleniffer Brae in the 1970s. It's amazing that you found my blog!

Some pics of people here over the past few weeks.


Red Shoes said...

WOW! The re-make -- NO! UPGRADE of Sex in the City, methinks!
Wish I was there too -- to celebrate al the good news! Fabulous!
lots of love from a cold and wet Dordogne, my friend! Your book is almost almost almost done --- and I am so looking forward to seeing you in person in January!
lots of love
Dotty Redshoes

Mollie Robinson said...

It is inspirational to read your blog. Absolutely delighted with your progress I hope that you will be around on Friday Dec 19 to share our club's Christmas lunch at Jasper's Winery about noon. Mollie