Friday, August 28, 2009

Oops! It's been a while

Wow! 30 May since I talked to you. Well, in that time life has been great. My health is at it's peak - how do I know that?....... because my clothes are getting too tight. Now, you might think that that's a good thing given that I have been far too skinny for the past 3 years. But, in actual fact, it really has to stop NOW.

On the positive side it means that there musn't be any insidious growth in me - gobbling up all the goodness. On the negative side - well, I quite liked my svelt self of recent times, the wardrobe I have accumulated which all fitted me perfectly. Now every garment is tooooo tight and there's this bulge around my middle that is uncomfortable when I'm sitting.

On the list of the benefits of having cancer that I had been developing was "never need to worry about your weight again". Well, I guess that's true when you have it (the Big C), but when you no longer have it you need to remember to worry. And that's what I'll have to get back to - being careful about how much I put in my mouth!

So, if you see me when I'm eating - just give me a look that will remind me, please.

Since I last wrote about the 'jolly good fellows' I have been developing my celebrancy practice and now have a few nice engagements to look forward to. The first wedding will be at the end of October and there's one every month from then until Easter 2010. Hopefully more will come in time.

I have also been conducting funerals. It started with a friend asking me to conduct the ceremony for his mother's funeral. And it's gone on from there. It certainly is different from planning a wedding but I have found it rewarding - through the process of establishing rapport with grieving families and giving them confidence about the process of honouring their loved one's life. I sense great relief when I talk to them about the ceremony and how they would like it to proceed. And I've received grateful appreciation from them after the event.

And now a few pics from life over the past few months.

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