Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to update this blog

I can't believe my last entry was in August last year! My, how time flies :)

Since then I've........
  • had a clean bill of health through my regular blood test
  • been house sitting in Kiama and looking after 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 birds - as well as the house. Although I thought being in Kiama, beautiful little seaside village, would be enjoyable, I soon learnt that living 30 minutes drive from my usual home town is not so much fun. Everything I was focused on was still in Wollongong and I spent a lot of time in my car travelling between the two places. We had the most amazing dust storm while I was there
  • moved into my own place - finally. I haven't lived in my own place since 2002, so it's really nice to be among my own things and my own four walls.
  • conducted my first weddings in my capacity as a Civil Marriage Celebrant successfully with generous, positive feedback from the happy couples
This photo is of the first bride and groom I married. There are photos of the others, but I can't load them right now for some reason. Grrrrr.....
  • conducted several funeral services in my capacity as a Civil Celebrant - also with generous feedback from family members
  • had a wonderful Christmas with most of my family - but without my own children and their children (the other family's turn!). My sister and her husband came from Canada as did one of their son's with his little family. Lots of local family members to make the day memorable. Christmas Day was iffy weather-wise and we finished up having the first course outside in the garden and the second course inside after the rain started. It was all good family fun
  • spent January relaxing in the beautiful summer weather with my sister, Leigh, and her husband, Bob
  • made it to February and I'm in South Africa. On 6 February I was privileged to conduct the wedding of Nici and Mat in Giraffe Camp in the African bush. I worked in tandem with Father Chiko, a Portuguese Catholic missionary. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a beautiful bride and groom, happy families and happy guests. Even the giraffes, zebras, rhinos, wart hogs, kudus, baboons, buffalos, birds and all sorts of antelopes appeared at the right times and helped us all have a most wondrous experience.
  • I'm now staying in Durban, where my daughter, Nikki, and her family have been living since July last year. I'm here for a month to spend family time and to ensure the grandchildren don't forget me!!!
  • have been working with a company to develop my celebrancy website. Watch this space for its launch in the next few weeks :)
And when I return to Australia in early March it will be time for me to have my annual CT scan and blood test. Always a little anxious at these times. I have more weddings to plan, so will be kept busy.

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Anonymous said...

This is all so wonderful, Terrie !
Congratulations on your clean bill of health, as well as your new home !

Best wishes to you and your family,
Best regards
Inga V.