Monday, May 17, 2010

I now know a little bit more

Hello my friends

Tonight I've been to the surgeon again and have the following to report:

  • primary breast cancer is excluded as a result of the mammogram and ultrasound
  • the spot in my underarm lymph node needs a needle biopsy under ultrasound to determine whether it's malignant or not. It could be inflammatory (and not malignant!)
  • result of this biopsy will determine the extent of the abdominal surgery
  • if it is positive, the surgeon will remove enough tumour to make me comfortable and administer chemotherapy during surgery. This will result in extra time to recover in hospital and will be followed by more chemo back in Wollongong
  • however, if it's negative, the surgery will be much more extensive as he will take out the entire tumour and any part of an organ to which it's attached - this may be curative (here's hoping)
  • the surgery will be done at St George Private Hospital - looks like it will be the first week in June
In the meantime he has given me a leave pass to take my planned weeks' holiday in Tasmania - with a referral to an excellent surgeon in Tasmania, should there be an emergency (which he doesn't really expect)

Thank you for your concern and your wonderful support


Lesley said...

Hey Ter hope you are not freezing your arse off in the Apple Isle--you take care and enjoy. Hey i will take time off from work if you need help after surgery--you need to pump up with food etc did you get email from Ginny re asparagus worth looking into i will forward to gmail

Vivien Twyford said...

Glad you have some respite from the worry for a little while. Let us know what we can do to support your hospital stay - and what you would prefer us NOT to do! Too much attention can be as draining as not enough! Enjoy Tassie.

Carmen in Pambula said...

Hi Terrie - enjoy the beautiful colours of Tassie - the orange rocks, the very white sands and the azures of the sea, They are soothing colours and are good for the soul. While you are travelling sing a little Everly Brothers music a al Telegraph Point - now that will fix you! Take care, Carmen

Lynne Williams said...

Hi Terrie, This is my first ever contribution to a blog, so you are responsible for me taking the plunge. Hope you are enjoying your break away. Thinking of you. You know that I am ready to help in any way. Much love.

Carolynne Pincombe said...

Hi Terrie, hope you are enjoying the freeeezing conditions in Tassie.... What a lovely place to visit, enjoy Richmond, Hobart, Strachan etc...all. I am available anytime you need me, also before and after surgery. You will be fine, I know it, you are a champion. Thinking of you , Luv Carol xxx

Anonymous said...

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