Friday, November 12, 2010

Ding, ding. Ready for the next fight?

It's on again. This insidious disease just will not cower! New, fast growing, tumours in my peritoneum, close to where the most recent one was.

1. Oncologist says palliative chemotherapy only solution. (Don't really like that 'p' word or even the 'c' word)

2. Surgeon says he's the only one in Australia who does a 'peritonectomy' and infuses special chemotherapy directly into the abdomen while he's in there. More 'p' and 'c' words.

It involves - 12 hour op. 5 days in ICU/HDU, 30 days in hospital, 3-6 months to recover (if I make it that far).... AND...... this will give me a 30% chance of long term survival. Pre- and post-operative chemotherapy also required.

More tests to be had to determine my eligibility. What good fun!!

On a lighter note:

See the blog "following the fragrance of shooting stars" to see the next amazing adventure my friend, Wilna, is about to embark on. Hospital bed or that truck??? Hmmmmm

Feeling OK physically. Emotionally...well.....................

there will be more when

1. I have more news and
2. I feel up to it

Please get the towels and water and buckets ready for the next round. Ding. Ding


RedShoes said...

Oh my dearest friend. We don't want to see you step back into that ring. We don't want another fight. We don't want those p's and c's and percentages and 'ifs'. We don't want to see you have to find strength and courage and energy.

But if that is what you have to do, you know we are right there beside you -- and yes, ready with the towels and the buckets and the water and the love and support and any- and everything that can possible give you what you need to get through this.

And -- know also that if you choose not to step back into the ring, the same applies. We are here to give you whatever you want or need from us.

Anonymous said...

Oh! dear Terrie, what agony you have to endure. Please go for the ring. I only know you as a fighter. And just look at what lovelies you have to fight for.

Anne said...

oh terri. I am so sorry to hear.

You are such an inspirational person and I know that if anyone can beat this AGAIN its you!!!

hope to see you soon.