Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We are at the end of May already!

This past couple of weeks has been quite quiet in terms of activity and happenings. I have been catching up with friends and battling to do things at home with a splint on my arm. I visited the Hand Therapist who was impressed with the range of movement I have in my wrist. That's a testament to my dedication for doing my exercises.  I thought he might say that I can take the splint off - but that was not to be.  It must stay on for 6 weeks. That means another two and a half weeks.  I see him again in 2 weeks when he will refer me for an xray, which has to be taken at 6 weeks.

In the meantime the pain in my left leg has come back.  It started gradually two weeks ago with a few little twinges shooting from my hip to my knee. It has increased over the time and I am now back on some of the pain killers that I thought I had farewelled for good.

I have an appointment with the oncologist in a couple of weeks and will grill him about why the pain has returned, what can be done about it and what I can expect in the future.

I plan to fly out of Australia on 1st July and be away for ten weeks. I do hope that this won't put paid to those plans.

The last week in May is when Australians are encouraged to attend the world's biggest morning tea. I was a guest of the Cancer Council at their Tea by the Sea last Thursday morning.  I was very privileged to be picked up and driven by Dean, owner of  Paragon Executive Car Service. He also drove me home and then offered to drive me to all my appointments that day.  Wow! What an offer for a girl who can't drive because of a broken arm.  I had 3 medical appointments that day and Dean very graciously took me to all of them. We finally parted company at 4.30pm after a long day. Needless to say, we are now good buddies. The Tea by the Sea event raised over $10,000 for the Cancer Council.

Girls at the Bubbles Ball
On Saturday night I went to another fund raising event. The Bubbles Ball is held each year to raise funds for those supporting breast cancer patients. It's for women only who are asked to dress in something they have purchased from an Opportunity Shop. There were lots of hilarious outfits, great entertainment by all-female casts, a silent auction as well as the opportunity to make donations through other means. I was very daring and had a henna tattoo painted onto my right hand. It will last for about 2 weeks, so people have been asking me about it when I've been out and about this week. This event also raised over $10,000.

I'm writing this on Thursday 31 May @11.16am

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