Wednesday, March 5, 2008

back from my trip

My apologies - pics mentioned below and not appearing were in while I was writing, then they disappeared. Gremlins! Will put them in later if I can.

Hi! This photo (see next entry) was taken by a delivery man in the street as I was getting into the van to leave on my trip. I couldn't help him with his inquiry about an address, but he could help me by taking this photo as there was no-one else at home.

I was away for 9 days altogether and it was the most fabulous experience. On the first night I camped at my son, Tim's caravan park, just to be sure there was someone to help me if I couldn't make it all work properly. Anyway, I came out with flying colours and didn't have to ask for any help. But it was a lovely excuse to spend time with them, especially little Oscar

Isn't he gorgeous? He's 4 months old.

Some cuddles and play time with him sent me on my way on my trip. The weather was excellent all the way and I surfed and played golf between drives, meals and visiting places along the way.

Sometimes I went off the main road into National Parks and stayed overnight in the bush camps. In the photo below (not below: see next entry) I was preparing the fire for cooking my evening meal at Mimosa Rocks in the Eurobodalla National Park. There is a magnificent isolated beach down some steep steps from this camp ground.

In Pambula I stayed with friends, Carmen and Ray. Carmen and I played 9 holes of golf together as well as walking along Pambula Beach and having a surf.

I got back on the road then heading to Meeniyan in South Gippsland, not far from Wilson's Promontory, where Scott and Jan are running the local pub.

The weather turned cold, but there was still no rain and we were able to do a great deal of sight seeing - all over the place. It's beautiful, very remote and I wouldn't want to live there, but I'm so pleased I've been to see it. It was great to see Scott and Jan in their temporary working environment and to spend time with them.

And after it was all over, I went to see Dr Chen, the herbalist and acupuncturist, who was very pleased with my condition and said he only needs to see me fortnightly now, rather than weekly. So, I'd say, all in all, the whole thing was very good medicine!

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Lesley said...

Bloody hell no wonder you weren't on the tennis court!!!! What a great time you had if i had known you were down that way you could have had accommodation in Frankston with the cousin!!! Hope to see you soon Love always Les