Monday, March 17, 2008

the news is OK

Well, it's time for another update. The past month without having the chemo pumped into me has just been the best! I am back to my normal energy levels and have been riding my bike and walking often, surfing every day and feeling very normal and full of energy.

Today I went to the oncologist who had the results of yesterday's blood test. The platelet count is still too low to be having chemo but all other readings are OK. So...... as it's 3 months since I had a scan, I'm scheduled for a scan on 28 March and to go back to Professor Clingan (oncologist) on 1 April for the results of the scan. Meanwhile - still no chemo. Yippee again! I'll see Dr Chen tomorrow and hope that he says that my condition is still excellent as well. It feels excellent!

My gorgeous little grandchildren are still wonderful and doing great things. The youngest, Oscar, is now 4+ months old and is still a happy growing little boy who has now travelled inter-state, to Queensland, to be introduced to his mother's extended family.

The two Hong Kong grandchidlren, Zeke and Willow have just had a marvellous ski holiday in Whistler, Canada, and Zeke is now on his way to being a champion skiier - according to me! Just before they left Hong Kong for Canada, Zeke turned 5 years old and the family went to HK DisneyLand to celebrate. I think Willow looks a bit apprehensive about Minnie, don't you? Enjoy the pictures below.

So, I'm off to the surf. The water's great. Have a safe and Happy Easter.

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What a thrill to read your blog Terrie! You continue to be such an inspiration to so many of us --- THANK YOU, my friend!

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