Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's about time.....

It's about time I wrote here again - expecially since I have excellent news from my latest CT scan. The report says that there are no changes since the last scan (which was 12 months ago). And the last scan said - all good. So along with 12 months of excellent blood results I'm absolutely delighted to report that I'm very healthy and enjoying everything life has to offer...
..... which includes

a visit to Canberra to see the Degas Exhbition, the National Portrait Gallery and to go hot air ballooning! Photos below.

This is how we dressed for the pre dawn take off

And this is the view of the dawn over Lake Burley Griffin from the top of Black Mountain, because

this is as close as we got to any balloons!!! The wind was too strong and it was not safe to fly in the hot air balloons. What a disappointment - again! So we found these balloons when we were having chocolate and retail therapy later that morning to help us deal with the disappointment.

I have also spent a pleasant weekend farm and dog sitting on 100acres just south of Wollongong.

There were 'real' cows on the farm, but this one was closest to the house for photo purposes! So a pleasant weekend was spent with 3 gorgeous old boxer dogs and friends who came for lunches in the sun. Life is good.

And right now I'm on the Gold Coast visiting my son and grandson for 10 days. Don't see them very often, so it's great spending quality time with them both. Oscar is 17 months old now and has developed his own little boisterous personality. It's exhausting keeping up with him - but loads of fun. In the quiet time he loves me to read him his 'My Grandma' book. Of course, I love it too.
Oscar and hat 'in the Broadwater'.


sandy pratt said...

Hi Terrie,
Was just catching up on your blog & saw your great news. That is fantastic! I am going great also. I'm off to hospital on Friday for a reconstruction...a gift to myself now that I am nearly 2 years on.
Would love to catch up with you some time when you get the chance, you sound like you are very busy & living life to the full!!
Sending you Rainbows.
Sandy Pratt xx

Steph said...

T - thought I would check in and see how you were doing! Hot Air ballooning is a questionable pastime! Took me 3 attempts - at pre-dawn hours, to go up over the Napa Valley. I suppose the view and champagne were worth it. Nice to hear you are so well, and finding joy in dogs! Mina and I send our love.