Thursday, May 28, 2009

For they are jolly good fellows!

Well! Once again - it's time.

My gruff oncologist, on my last visit - when I was to receive the official result of my April CT scan - told me I could quote him when he said "I think you've beaten this, Terrie. You're one of the lucky ones!"

I couldn't get out of his rooms quickly enough and the receptionist had to call me back to pay my bill!

Well..... I've decided I can believe it now. I don't think he would risk his reputation saying something like that if he didn't believe it.

So. Who are the jolly good fellows?

  • my children and grandchildren - Nikki, Tim, Sam, Zeke, Willow and Oscar - whose mere existence as well as their love and support have kept me strong and given me reason to want to live. From the beginning and forever.....
  • The rheumatologist who ordered the original blood test that discovered my low haemoglobin count. April 2006
  • the gastroentarologist who found the bowel tumour and sent me for surgery. May 2006
  • the bowel surgeon who successfully removed the tumour without any side effects. May 2006
  • the doctor who administered SIRT (radio-active) microspeheres that shrank the liver tumours. September 2006
  • the surgeon who removed part of my liver and most of the tumours and ablated the rest. January 2007
  • the oncologist who prescribed and oversaw the chemotherapy treatment that killed the new tumours that appeared after the liver surgery. From October 2007
  • the Chinese herbal doctor who has been treating me since this all began and has helped keep me healthy and strong enough to survive all of the above. I remain on his treatment today. From July 2006
  • the Quest for Life retreat I attended at Bundanoon where I learnt previously unknown (to me) facts about cancer and valuable strategies to deal with living with cancer. November 2007
  • the gorgeous, romantic French man I sat next to on a plane. November 2006
  • AND YOU ARE. The family and friends who have supported me through all of this for the past 3 years and have said prayers and sent positive vibes from all over the world. From the beginning and forever.............

Thank you, every one of you. My success is your success. I'm indebted to you for your love and support and encouragement and all the really practical help you have given.

And now.............. life continues. 3 weddings booked, grandchildren coming to stay soon, from today - a month in Sydney to enjoy all that the big smoke has to offer. Life continues to be great

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Red Shoes said...

and we say thank you thank you thank you thank you to YOU for being such an amazing inspiration and role model to us all. You enrich our lives, Terrie -- we are blessed having you as a friend.