Thursday, September 9, 2010

At last - a decision and peace of mind

Well, the break away at Hyams Beach had mixed results. The weather was lousy - rain, wind, cold, power black-out! Not so good for walking on the beach or spending any time outdoors. However, all was not lost. The project I set myself to sort out 40 years of photographs was completed :) All the photos I need/want to keep are now compactly stored in 2 pretty photo boxes. All other photos and the old albums that they were in have been ditched. Whew! It feels good.

And I have finally had some advice from a medico, who has no connection with me or my 'case'. However he has worked in the oncology and radiotherapy field all of his career. He has given me peace of mind and allowed me to let go of the anxiety that has been haunting me about whether to have radiotherapy or not. The decision is 'No'. I will rely on scans and blood tests regularly. Whew! That feels good, too.

And now to concentrate on the 90th birthday party for my father next month, emptying his house by mid December and helping him to find his new home.


RedShoes said...

Wonderful! I am so pleased you finally have peace of mind about the treatment. We know the uncertainty is not conducive to the healing process at all -- so now you can stop worrying and stay focused on the good things!Lots of positive energy and love coming your way across cyberspace, my friend -- to boost your own!
And one week to sort out 40 years of photographs???? Wow -- that is a challenge to beat!!

Anonymous said...

Go Terrie and enjoy your energy and feel good that you achieved a big challenge of sorting the photos. What a buzz that would be a great cleansing. You are so organised. I started doing that 8 years ago and then Kevin came into my life and the photos are still safe in boxes. I am off to RPA tomorrow for a big challenge, me saying no to a toxic drug.
Terrie, I am so pleased for your "peace of mind". Go girl. Love Helen