Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As reported before, the story goes on and on.... never ending. Yesterday's visit to the surgeon was frustrating. No definitive opinion or action being taken - just a referral to another surgeon for an opinion.

But for now I am ensconsed in my friend's house at Hyams Beach overlooking Jervis Bay and the whitest sands in the world!

Life is OK, for now:)


RedShoes said...

Missing contact -- but you remain in my thoughts and the daily dose of positive energy is winging its way to you, as per usual, every morning.
Lots of love too. Lots. xx

Carmen in Pambula said...

Hey Terrie, Sounds like your travelling around hasn't been thwarted.Love the photos. May your surgeons be inspired by your energy..and also by the alternative path of your Chinese doctor. By the way, I am about to write a review of Wilma's book for our Alliance Francaise magazine of the far south coast. Carmen

Margaret said...

Hi Terrie..Love that sand! Saw a comment about a range of sunflower paintings by french painter Adam Cope who said.. "Love these plants, so valiant,always shining, face towards the sun" ..I thought of are inspiring ..keep shining kiddo, love Joan (craven)