Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is the word

Finally it has come to pass that a decision has been made concerning my medical treatment. Both the inadequacy of the medical system and my own demands for more information have contributed to the delay. Enough said about that.

After consulting 2 surgeons, 2 oncologists, a specialist peritonectomy nurse and ................ searching my soul, I have finally decided against having the radical surgery that is proposed and to commence a course of palliative chemotherapy.

For those of you in the know, the chemotherapy will be Folfiri + Avastin.

This treatment will involve a two and a half hour session at the oncology clinic where the chemotherapy will be injected via the porta-cath in my chest. On leaving the clinic I will wear a 'pump' containing chemotherapy (hung around my neck) which will remain attached to me for the next 7 days. On the seventh day I will return to the clinic to have the empty pump removed. The next seven days will be free of chemotherapy. These 14 days make up the first of 8 cycles. so..... 7 days on, 7 days off. The first treatment is scheduled for next Wednesday - 23 February.

I haven't had this chemotherapy before so I don't know how I will react to it. The major side effects are likely to be hair loss and diarrhoea. Hats and scarves can solve the challenges of the hair loss, but I'm not looking forward to the diarrhoea. Mind you, not every patient has the same reaction, so .............. watch this space.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

My recent PET scan revealed that the tumours have grown - nobody is reporting any dimensions or by how much. The message is - we need to get this under way quickly.

So...... my Hopemobile and I - along with a girlfriend - are off to spend a few days on the South Coast at Mystery Bay. I'll be back in time for the treatment to start as scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Stay strong & positive Terrie. Sending you Rainbows of Love & Hope. Sandy xxx

terrie said...

Thanks for your rainbows, Sandy. And for reading :)

RedShoes said...

as always, my friend, you walk enveloped in my love and energy and positive thoughts I send you across cyber space xxx

Bronwyn said...

OK I had to go and find out what palliative chemotherapy was. It sounded awful. But now I am feeling much more hopeful for you. I'm glad you have made the decision. Sending you warmth and love, Terrie.

Anonymous said...

I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you, dear Terrie. You are such a Viking (in a very positive way),I do admire your courage and strength.I wish you the very best in your battle ahead.
Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Dear Terrie, Nikki put your blog on facebook. I cross all my fingers, and hope for the drugs to shrink and get rid of whatever tumor it meets on its way! Warm thoughts and healing energy sent from Durban. Lots of love, Trine xx

jan broe said...

My fingers have always, and will always, be crossed for you.


Margaret said...

Prayers are with you my friend and if you need anything please let me know.

Lesley Moore said...

Hi Terrie from freezing Queenstown. Have only just read your blog so by the time you get this you will have started your chemotherapy.My thoughts, love and prayers are with you as you face this next hurdle.I know you will run well my friend.Lol Lesley xxx

marcia said...

Terrie, I am almost lost for words. Enjoy your trip in the Hopemobile and may God give you peace and hope every day. You are in my prayers and you are also an inspiration to me. xxx

Anonymous said...

Good Fortune for 23 February.