Friday, February 4, 2011

Some images of Bali

Lord of the Monkey Forest

Wilna and Ketut

Consulting the "eat, pray, love" medicine man, Ketut, in Ubud

Tuna soup: first course for dinner on the beach at sunset

Harvesting coconuts

Waiting for lunch overlooking the rice terraces

Bali family squash :)

And still more doctors to see before there is 'real news'.

It's Saturday 5 February and 41' outside!!! Staying indoors with the airconditioning a.fter a cooling swim at Balmoral Beach this morning. One more week at Balmoral with Leigh and Bob before going back to Wollongong. I see an oncologist and have a PET scan this coming week, then results of scan with surgeon on Monday 14th

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