Sunday, July 31, 2011

and now it's about the hair!

When this chemo all started, I was told that I may lose my hair, but then again, I may not! Diffferent people have different reactions.

Right from the start my hair has been falling out. I know I haven't mentioned it .... because it's been happening so gradually, uniformly, unnoticeably. I did notice a lot of strands of hair in every part of my home, but it wasn't noticeable on my head.

However, for the past couple of months I have enjoyed having a thinner head of hair. I've always had sooooo much hair - envied by some, I know. It's not that I didn't like it, it's just that it used to get so thick and bushy when it was time for a cut - and sometimes I'd leave it for too long before the cut... and hate the 'bush' on my head.

But today............... a dear friend pointed out the small bald patches behind my ears. Oops - now that's a place I can't see when I look in the mirror. It's probably where I push the sides of my reading glasses and my sungalsses on and off my head.

A friend who has survived breast cancer and been through the hair loss process has given me her hat box full of wigs, scarves, turbans, headbands - ages and ages ago. It's been stored away in the hope that I wouldn't need them - as beautiful as they all are. Now I've dragged it out realising that I may well need to use its contents - and before too much longer.

The few hats I own are now too big for my head, so I might have to go out and buy at least one - once all the hair is gone. A bit of retail therapy ahead. Yeah!

I had a little retail therapy about a month ago and shouted myself a new Apple ipad 2. What fun. So last night I went to the Apple shop in Sydney for a free workshop on using the features of this enthralling device. It was excellent and I'll be looking to go to more when I have the time.

This week my Chinese herbal doctor was VERY PLEASED when he did the 'pulse and tongue test'. And that makes me pleased, too :)

Meanwhile, for someone who doesn't cook - I'm hooked on Masterchef - 6 nights a week on TV.

This coming week is week 3 in my chemo cycle - the best week - leading up to the start of the next cycle which will be Round 5 of 9.

Sunday 31 July @ 9pm


Carmen in Pambula said...

Now Terrie, you look good in a a hat. We all know that. What a great excuse to buy beautiful items for your wardrobe! Of course, matching limits...try different colours a la Margaret Olly.

SarahB said...

Let Me know if you need a Beannie from Orange!