Friday, July 1, 2011


  • blood tests last week show tumour markers are continuing to go down
  • still headache free - yippee - I'm a different woman
  • currently chemo-free- no intravenous drip or chemo tablets for another 2 weeks - yippee
  • one blood test only this coming Monday, then nothing for 2 more weeks, so...... my Dad and I are off to Port Douglas on Monday for a week of warmth in the bones :)
  • so - no Hopemobile trip just yet
  • just home from a manicure/pedicure/facial session - heaven - and smooth face and pretty nails :)
My Dad polishing his shoes on the balcony before he goes to the horse races. He's a 90 year-old champ!

I saw the Chinese herbalist this week. He was very pleased with the blood test results and our discussion about my diet and my do-it-yourself acupuncture activities. So, I said "So, you think I'll last a bit longer then?" He replied "Oh, sure. You'll live 'til your 100!!" Ha Ha! The slow pace in which I walked into his rooms became almost a skip on the way out. I don't believe him for a minute (who wants to live to 100 anyway?), but it's amazing the difference it made to my mood for the day.

Sharing this pic that I took a few mornings ago from just outside my place at about 6.30am. 'Red sky in the morning, sailors' warning'

Saturday 2 July 2011 @ 2.40pm

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Mollie said...

enjoy your stay in Port Douglas You have earned your place in the sun after all your chemo.