Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No chemo for a month

This week's blood test revealed that my white blood cell and my platelet counts are too low for the administration of chemo. Those of you who have been reading this for what seems like forever, will recall that this has happened on previous occasions.

It's not uncommon for the chemo to destroy white cells and platelets, and thus your immune system. There is a level below which it is dangerous to continue with chemo, so.............. I'm free of chemo for a month.

That's quite good really as I'm off to Norfolk Island, with my friends Ros and Carole, on Thursday. It will be much more enjoyable not being under the influence of chemo.

When I return I am scheduled to have another PET scan. That really will tell the story about what the tumours are doing.

I will see Dr. Chen tomorrow and discuss with him what this all means from his perspective.

I've just had a wonderful weekend in Sydney spending time with special people. On Saturday morning, Tim and Debs and I went to the auction of Nikki's Sydney home. Unfortunately it did not sell so they have to make decisions about what to do next. My friend, Jennifer, joined us and we all went for a cuppa and chat in the sun afterwards.

Then Jen and I joined another friend, Marcia, at Ripples Restaurant at Chowder Bay looking out onto Sydney Harbour. Delicious food and lovely company. I stayed with Jennifer overnight and we had breakfast at Balmoral and then a walk at Gunnery Barracks before I headed home. The weather was brilliant all weekend, Sydney Harbour was spectacular - as was the company. Thanks, everyone. I took some pics with my iphone, but don't have the know-how to transfer them to this page. What a pity. I'll work on that.

It's almost 11.30pm on Teusday 9 August. Good night.

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