Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whew! Yet another reprieve

More pics from Norfolk

And now to the exciting news :)

Yep. It's official! Yesterday's scan has revealed that the tumours are not as 'avid' as they were, one of them has disappeared and the others are partly calcified. It's all good news.

From the oncologist's mouth - "These tumours are not affecting your vital organs, you can live a long time with them like this. Go off and have your holiday. Let's do blood tests every 6 weeks".

Next 2 weeks are busy with:
  • visit to Chinese herbal Doctor tomorrow
  • social activities with special friends
  • preparations for the Hopemobile to go back on the road- planning to leave on 4 September to head north for some warmth - not sure how far, but will spend some time with Tim and Oscar on the Gold Coast
Tuesday 23 August @ 6.30pm


Bronwyn said...

You and your team are just brilliant! That is just such fantastic news!

Anonymous said...

I am so very, very happy for you, Terrie ! Enjoy life - for a long, long , good time !
Best regards from Iceland

Anonymous said...

Terrie, how wonderful Norfolk Is looks and you look as though you were having the best time. love Helen

Lesley Moore said...

Looks like you had a 'hilly' time on Norfolk - how could you do otherwise over there!! Great news from the oncologist. If you're passing through Ballina on your way north and need a break I'd love to see you. Give me a bell - 0428876603 or 66876603.