Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Medical Week so far

This week is my medical week - a medical appointment each day of the week, finishing with a mammogram on Friday!!

Monday - blood test in the morning with results going to the oncologist for my 2pm appointment. Well..... all good. Tumour markers are not high, liver function is as good as can  be expected. I am to continue on the low dose of oral chemotherapy and come back for another check in 6 weeks.  I told him of my plans to travel overseas in the middle of the year and he told me to 'go for it'. 

Tuesday (today) - a 2pm appointment with the radiotherapist to discuss the outcome of my radiotherapy treatment.  All good here too.  He said that he was delighted with the outcome - in fact, it is better than he expected it to be. No need for any more radiotherapy - for the moment.

And ahead - Wednesday - visit to Dr. Chen for acupunture and consultation.  Thursday - visit to GP for regular overview of my health. And Friday - mammogram.......ooooh goody!

Right now it's Tuesday 24 April @ 8.26pm

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Carmen Coutts-Smith said...

Good to hear of your trip to Carolyn in Currumbin! Yeah - mammograms oooo! We leave for Paris next Thursday and will visit Lalinde while in the Dordogne. Looks lovely online.