Friday, June 29, 2012

Port Douglas

Lots of fun and laughter, plenty of cups of coffee with cake, delicious meals at restaurants, little bit Of shopping, walks along the beach, dips in the warm ocean, sailing with friends, visit to the Daintree, in the jacuzzi every evening. I have discovered that my iPad won't allow me to upload pics. Apparently there is special software required. So until I can work that one out there will not be any pics. Health I have all the tests and scans and seen the relevant medicos for the results My arm is doing well and I'm moving to the next stage of not wearing the brace all the time. Need to keep doing exercises as prescribed. All good. The scans on my abdomen show that the two largest tumors (of 3) are growing. I am having more pain in my leg and pelvic area and have truckloads of drugs to deal with that. The offensive tumours are not on vital organs ( they are attached to the peritoneum) so will not hasten me to my last moment for some time. The leg pain is a problem. The prescribed medication for my pain and all of Dr. Chen's herbal medicine fill a small pull along suitcase, so I am going to have to take two suitcases - one for medication and one for clothes. I have doctor's letters, PET scan disc and written report. These are supposed to get me through customs every time. Phew. I certainly hope so. Both bags are packed now and I'm ready to go. Flying out tomorrow (Sunday) at 3.15pm. Right now it's 1pm on Saturday and I'm getting ready to go to the beauty therapist for wax, manicure and pedicure. Have to look good on the outsideeven if I'm not so good on the inside.

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