Friday, June 15, 2012

Since I last wrote a lot has happened, but now that I look back at it, it's all pretty insignificant.

I booked return flights to NZ in January 2013, to stay with my friends, Hilary and Pat, and to perform the marriage ceremony of their niece, Sheryl to her fiancee Tom, and to have a little NZ holiday

I have a new brace for my arm, which is healing nicely.  I'm still very diligent about my exercises and massaging the scar and surrounding area of my wrist.

Attended a day of Professional Developments for Marriage Celebrants.  It is a requirement to retain registration with the Attorney general's department.  Very good quality training from AssentTecs.

Attending sessions with a rehabilitation physical therapist to help keep the muscles in my left hip and pelvis in shape to help reduce the pain in my left leg.  I'm back on some of those dreaded pain killing medications, as the pain has returned. I had about 2 months free of pain after the radiotherapy.

Took my friend, Cooki, to the airport so he could fly to the Gold Coast and drive the Hopemobile home.  They arrived back safe and sound on Wednesday. Phew!

On Friday I had a blood test - the usual 6 week test - and saw the oncologist for the results on Tuesday.  Not good news.  The tumour marker is continuing to rise. That means that the chemotherapy tablets that I have been taking are not having any effect.  So, stop taking these and have some scans to take a look to see what the picture is.

Today I had a PET scan and on Monday 25th I will have an MRI.  I see the oncologist for the results of both.

Why the wait?, you might be asking. Well, on Sunday I'm off to Port Douglas with three very close friends for some time in the sun, away from this cold winter. While there we will be celebrating Carole's 70th birthday.

So - this coming week will be full of fun and laughter with the girls, in the sun at Port Douglas.

I have also been working with my travel agent on plans for an overseas holiday spending time in Germany, France, Canada and USA - spending six weeks in Atlanta with Nikki and her family after their move from Durban.

All for now. Hope you're happy, Gayle! :-)

Right now it's 7.30pm on Friday 15th June.

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