Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Atlanta - the first month

Well, it's a month. Since I wrote that last bit, so much has happened. The children have started school and are now used to the system with the bus and finding their classroom once they arrive at school. Timetables, rosters, PE days, science lab days, library days, photos days are all scheduled and there are papers all over the kitchen as reminders.

We have visited the wonderful aquarium here and the Coke Museum, of course, as Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola.

The day's routine begins with getting the kids off to school,on the bus by 7.24am. Fortunately I don't have to do that, so rise at a more leisurely time. At first I was going out for a walk around the neighborhood each day, but the pain in my left leg increased when I did that - even though I had bought the most beautiful pair of hot pink joggers to pound the pavements in

So I had to alter my daily exercise routine and start going to the pool each day to do some laps Very pleasant as I have the community pool all to myself and sometimes spend a few hours there swimming, sleeping, listening to my music and reading.

I've been in touch with my pain management guru, by email, and he has altered my medication so that the pain is not so severe. We haven't quite got the formula right yet, so am still going to the pool rather than pounding the pavement.

I've had a couple of other health lapses as well. Three weeks ago I woke to severe abdominal pain and vomiting. After half a day of this Nikki insisted she take me to a hospital, so we went off to the ER at Northside Hospital. after and X-ray and a CT scan I was admitted with a possible blocked bowel and had to stay overnight - nil-by-mouth, with drips in my arm and very pleasant nurses seeing to my every need. By morning my system was looking and behaving much better and I was given permission to go home after lunch if I could remain stable after fluid-only breakfast and lunch. That happened fortunately, so Nikki brought me back home after lunch on the first day of school for the children. I was so sorry not to see them off on the bus or meet them on the first day. Anyway there have been many bus send offs and arrivals since then.

They close the pool after this weekend and I'm not ready to get back into those pink joggers yet, so not sure what I will do for some exercise. I haven't been able to do much these last couple of days either as I have been severely constipated, caused by the additional pain killing drugs, and have had fierce abdominal pain again. As none of us wants me to have another hospital visit, I have been on fluids only for the past two days, and following advice from my oncologist at home via a Skype call, I am taking a daily tonic to soften the bowel contents and also administering a daily enema. Not pleasant, but having the right effect. This needs to continue indefinitely.

The reason I am including all this grisly detail here is because I use this blog as an ongoing record of my health journey. Sorry if it's a bit unpleasant.

Life goes on in the Moffitt household, as it does in most. It's just lovely being here with them, and having them with me when I'm not in such good shape.

It's currently 9.30pm on Wednesday 29 August and all is quiet. We are expecting the delivery of a new lounge on Friday!

Terrie - for now


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your account of your trip. Hope things get better for you.
Jan Carter

Marcia said...

Terrie, you have a way of making the most earthy details sound quite ungrisly. Lots of love. I really enjoy your blogs.