Saturday, November 10, 2007

a few days on

The misty memory photo was taken on the railway station in Lalinde, France, early on a November morning at the end of last year (2006). Wilna and I were leaving for an overnight stay in Paris before flying out to South Africa and Aus respectively. It was early, and it was cold and misty and our friend Jill was kind enough to drive us to the station - and she's not a morning person. But that's her there with me on the station - what a gem!

Today is Day 4 of chemo and everything is fine. The fuzzy head has gone and left a 'sleepy head' in its wake. Just as well I am fortunate not to have to answer to a boss anymore - because I don't think I'd last long. It's a pleasure to stay in bed until 11am when it's pouring rain outside, and then to retire for my 'nanna nap' after lunch again, so that I can last the distance over dinner!

Tomorrow I hope to visit little Oscar and his Mum and Dad in Gerroa. They are all at home now and settling in. Then on Monday I'm going to a retreat for 5 days in Bundanoon, just an hour's drive away over the mountain from home. It will be cold and misty there too, but we will be well catered for. No internet access means that I won't be talking with you again until next weekend.

Thanks for reading and being with me. Have a good week. Ciao 'til next weekend.

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joan mara said...

Hi Terrie
A blast from the past!Lesley passed on the blog address to Lynne when they met up at the reunion weekend before last so just sitting here at the desk bored with the Year 7 report writing and thought I would mail. I know that you are on Retreat this week and will not pick this up till the weekend. I do hope that the week has been of great benefit and that you are feeling a little better for it.
How gorgeous is young Oscar and what a joy he must be for you. I am still waiting for the time when I hopefully will be able to experience the joys of being a gandmother. Pete and Christy are busy building on their property at Ilford about 3/4 hours drive from Mudgee. I was up there at the weekend - they have had good rain and the country is looking so green.So, it will be a little while yet before they start their family. they jsut intend to keep it as the weekender. I just loved the photos of your time in France. I have only just returned having spent week and a half in Paris most of that time with a group of Aussies on a walking tour of that wonderful city and then I took a 13 day Trafalgar tour that allowed me to see the rest of France. Just loved Nice and surrounds but all was pretty amazing as that was my first time there. Having got home with the travel bug I decided that I could do Egypt in the coming Jan holidays so that is pretty exciting.
It is hard to believe how much water has gone under the bridge since we were at Glennifer Brae. What a wonderful time we had especially with our hockey. I used to see Miss Williams a bit at functions here for a while but she was going a little strange then. I feel that I really haven't left SCEGGS as I have been here at Darlinghurst for the part 26 years. It has been just wonderful firstly working with Diana and now with Jenny Allum. I am thinking seriously about retiring but haven't made the hard decision as yet.I still remeber so clearly the party you had at your home just after we did our final exams- amazing how some things stick in the memory.
I would love to keep in touch- my thoughts are with you