Friday, November 23, 2007

Round One is Over

Well, Round One of the chemo regime is over. I took the last tablet on Wednesday morning and since then have progressively felt much better. The cold sores, headache and fuzzy head have gone and I'm starting to feel human again. I have been very fortunate, so far, that I haven't suffered from those two dreaded chemo side effects - nausea and diarrhoea. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

Today (Saturday) I'm jumping out of my skin!! So I need to take advantage of the next few days as Round Two begins next Wednesday. This afternoon I'm off to celebrate the 60th birthday of a very dear friend. The champers will be flowing, no doubt, but this old tea totaller will have to share in the toasts with something more sedate - like bottled water! Perhaps I'll wear my 60th birthday tiara to have my own sparkle.
I hope you're having a great weekend.


Lesley said...

Go girl the Tiara will be most sparkling enjoy the night it is the company that counts!!! The election results are in full swing oh dear what will be our fate?? Take care i am still trying to find the beetroot farmer talk next week love always Les

Anonymous said...

Good work. Sounds like these few days will be fun and you will be ready for round 2.
Off to US to visit daughter this week. Will be thinking of you. Rod and Jenny XX

Red Shoes said...

Fabulous news all round --- and I wonder if the other people on the retreat have ANY idea how fortunate they were to have had you there the same time as them?...........
(What a gorgeous wonderful person you are!)