Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First chemo session

Well, Day 1 is almost over. This morning I had an injection of 2 chemo drugs and tonight I've taken 4 tablets of a third drug with my dinner. And I'm still upright! My head has been a little fuzzy for most of the day, but apart from that I feel OK. Have had a quiet day - at home mostly. Thanks to friends who have called and sent messages of support. You are all my 'ultra' cancer support group.

The injection of drugs happens every three weeks and the tablets have to be taken for two weeks, morning and night. Then a week off and start taking them again on the day of the next injection. Keeping up with all that and the herbal tablets I also take, together with having blood tests and CT scans in between, will keep me quite busy, don't you think?

I haven't seen little Oscar for a few days. He will be home tomorrow, so a trip to Gerroa for a cuddle will be on the agenda, probably over the weekend. That will be GOOD medicine.

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Anonymous said...

Pills and potions and more pills and potions keep up the good work Love Les