Thursday, January 24, 2008


Don't forget that I have a new email address, please. Lots of people are still emailing me at the old address and I will be closing it down very shortly. I don't check it very often, so don't always see your messages at the right time.

Since I last wrote I've had a blood test and a CT scan. The blood test shows improvement in every relevant area. I will see and hear the results of the scan this coming Tuesday afternoon when I go to the oncologist. Whew! It's a stressful time. Meanwhile - this is my week free of chemotherapy when I feel very human again.

Since I last wrote I've also seen my new grandson, Oscar, and will include a pic below. Leigh and I have also been to Melbourne to spend two days at the Australian Open Tennis Championships. We had a fun time and saw some great tennis. See above a pic of the two of us, having a break between games, in our 'tennis watching' mode taken in front of the big screen and the garden in the grounds of Melbourne Park.
Bright-eyed Oscar at 9 weeks

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Anonymous said...

Terrie - finally caught up with you! Have been thinking of you, and delighted to hear you are enjoying Woollongong! Seaside is fine, too, thanks!
Would like to send you another email, not sure I have the right address, so could you pop one off to me?