Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vivre 2008

The date says 2 January, but it's really the 3rd. I don't know how to correct the date!!!!

Well, Christmas and New Year have both come and gone and it's time to get on with the work of 2008.

After a beaut Christmas with family, and sadly saying goodbye to the Hong Kong connection, my New Year began at the beachside resort of Vincentia on Jervis Bay. These are pics of

1. the beach, 2. the magnificent Christmas Bush flowering in the area and 3. the view from our beach house out over Jervis Bay.

My friend, Suzie, and I had a relaxing few days at the beach house. We took our bicycles, swimmers, books, Scrabble and crosswords - and the black pudding! On New Year's Eve we were tucked up in our beds well before midnight. We did watch the Sydney 9pm fireworks on the television, so we didn't totally miss out on the spirit of celebration and heralding in the new year.

And now it's back to routine. The next round of chemotherapy starts next Wednesday (9th) - that's as long as the black pudding has been keeping my platelet level up! The blood test next Tuesday will tell.

Those of you who read my previous blog may remember the pic of my 60th birthday celebration. I've been reminsicing today, as it's exactly one year ago - I was Princess for a day. A lot has happened in the intervening year - a lot of positive stuff, and I want to thank you all for much of that.

Your friendship, support, encouragement and provision of opportunities for laughter and camaraderie has helped to keep me healthy and happy - and defy all medical prognoses! Let it continue in 2008 and beyond!

Happy New Year, my friends. Enjoy this pic of my three grandchildren. Oscar (1 month), Willow (15 months) and Zeke (almost 5)


Little D said...

Hi Terrie,

All the most healthful wishes for your next 'round'

I didn't know you enjoyed playing scrabble. We'll have to get together for a game next time I'm in Wollongong. That and cards are my two most favourite past times.

As always...........
Little D

Carmen in Pambula said...

Happy New Year Terrie! Glad to hear you had all your family together for the Xmas festivities. So did I - here in Pambula. This morning Lorin left for 6 weeks snowboarding in Japan, Canada and the US and I have just arrived back from Canberra seeing him off. Keep up with the wondrful health giving qualities of fresh organic juices. I am about to go to the garden and pick my beetroot which are shouting out to me to pick them! If you haven't read A Thousand Splendid Suns...get a copy...a good read.Keep smiling,Love Carmen

Red Shoes said...

Dearest Terrie---
are you ready with the camper van yet?? Should I start booking my tickets to come join you??