Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January marches on

My dear friends who go to the trouble of reading this blog on a regular basis, my humblest apologies. No entry for over 2 weeks! Just goes to show what a great time I've been having. And I've been away from my computer (and any other) for quite a bit of the time.

Some of the time has been spent back at the beach house at Vincentia and I owe a great deal to my sister-in-law, Shaz, who has made it available for me to use with my friends when it has been free.

I'll just give you an update on a variety of things today.

My Face
The stitches have been removed from the cut on my face and it is healing nicely. There is certainly a scar but as luck would have it it's in line with one of the 'laugh lines' around my mouth and is hardly noticeable. I'm madly rubbing Vitamin E cream into it many times a day

The 3rd round of chemo is well under way. I'm definitely not the usual Terrie while I'm on the tablets, but it still allows me to function almost normally, as long as I put time aside to take my nanna nap after lunch each day. In fact, yesterday I slept for 4 hours after lunch - almost until dinner time! But that allowed me to go with friends to have a meal and to see the award winning movie, Atonement, which I really enjoyed. I have just finished reading the book, so the story was very familiar to me and the movie is very true to the book, except at the very end.

General Treatment
Blood tests continue and the readings are always encouraging. The tumour marker is still within the normal range (just like yours) and the liver function readings are improving every time. The doctor I see most regularly (weekly for herbs and acupuncture) is the herbal doctor, and he is always encouraging about my progress and says that we make a great team. More blood tests coming up and a CT scan at the end of the month before seeing the oncologist again. The scan will tell the picture. This is the time that I both dread and look forward to with anticipation, at the same time.

What Might Be Ahead
If you read the comments on this blog you will see that my friend, 'red shoes', asks about whether I have the camper van ready for my travels! She is planning to fly from France and join me for some of my travels! The answer is - not yet. But I've been doing my research and am closer to taking the plunge. Another dear friend owns a camper van and is allowing me to 'trial it' while she is travelling overseas for 3 months from February. So, look out folks, you just might find me arriving on your doorstep anytime - with my accommodation with me!

My sister and her husband are still with us and will return to Canada on the 30th of this month. Life will be much quieter then. They are enjoying the summer, away from the chilly Canadian winter, and are spending their time visiting Sydney grandchildren and friends all over the place as well as cycling and swimming almost daily on our beautiful coastline.

Once they have gone I plan to spend some time in Sydney with my friend, Suzie, who has invited me to stay and enjoy the wonderful variety of things to do in Sydney - especially during the summer. Of course, modern communication allows me to keep in touch with you all by the same methods - wherever I am.

Well, for now - that's all folks! Thanks for reading. I hope you are enjoying your January and keeping well.

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Mollie said...

I am delighted to be able to read your blog once again, I have missed hearing about all your activities.I think the herbalist is your "secret weapon'