Thursday, August 19, 2010

No radtiotherpay required

Today I had a call from the radiotherapist. He told me that the two pathologists had spoken and consulted over the samples and are now in agreement that the margins are clear (I think that's the expression). This means that there is no need for radiotherapy treatment at this time. It will be necessary to monitor the situation with regular CT scans, with the first one probably needed in about 2 month's time.

So, that's good news, hey? I still have my appointment with the surgeon to discuss my concern about the (original) differing pathology opinions and the possibility of a third opinion - on 1 September.

My strength is improving and I'm driving again. Meeting with couples for weddings coming up in the spring, as well as conducting funeral services. Life is almost back to normal.

Terrie 12.30am Friday

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Anonymous said...

These are good news, Terrie !
All the best for you,
love, Inga