Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Gold Coast

How lovely it has been spending time with my son and my grandson. Walking on the beach, playing at the park, jumping on the jumping pillow, reading bedtime stories and having lovely conversations - most of which I can understand :) - and talking with Tim about his work and his life and his dreams. It's been a very special time. Oscar really loves his 'Lifesaver' outfit - can't you tell?

And now Tim has gone off to Auckland with mates to watch the rugby, Oscar has gone to stay with his Mum and Nanna, and I am at Currumbin staying with my very dear friends, Carolyn and Warren. They have a lovely home in a quiet spot on Currumbin Creek. I feel very relaxed here and WARM!!!

The SWELL Sculpture Festival is held in September at Currumbin Beach - 'getting art out there'. A series of sculptures are installed along the beachfront - similar to 'Sculptures by the Sea' in Sydney in November. This one below is called The Gathering.

We went to see the sculptures late in the afternoon, as the sun was sinking. Sunset below over The Alley where Currumbin Creek meets the Pacific Ocean.

And this morning we drove to the fishing harbour at Tweed Heads to buy prawns. No prawns, but there were plenty of spanner crabs.

Carolyn and I go back a long way - as teenagers we trained as Physical Education teachers together and I was the bridesmaid at her wedding in 1968. Our time together is so easy and comfortable and I'm really looking forward to the next couple of days together before I head back home on Wednesday.

The pain I mentioned earlier has got worse, so I'm keen to see my GP on Thursday morning. Meantime the pain patches are playing their part. But before that I will see Dr. Chen shortly after I fly into Sydney on Wednesday. If you wish to see his website, just click on his name.

I've had an inquiry from someone about Dr Chen, through this blog. Angela, I hope this helps. Please feel free to mention my name (Terrie Baxter) if you are making contact with his rooms. You will see a testimonial from me on his website. Lot of water under the bridge since then, but I'm still battling on :)

Jannie Annie, are you Jan LeM from SA?

Today, Sunday 18 September, is my granddaughter, Willow's, 5th birthday. She celebrated yesterday with family and friends, but without her mother, who is on her return journey from her successful ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I'm very proud of them both.

It's late. Time for bed @ 10pm. G'night.

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Jannie Annie B. said...

No. I'm Jan B. from Sydney.