Friday, September 23, 2011


It's nice to be back home in The Gong - to catch up with family and friends, to enjoy the beautiful place that it is and to catch up with 'things' that need to be done. Took this pic when I was having a cuppa with a friend at a beach cafe, just a short walk from home.

Among the 'things' that have to be done while back at home are blood tests, doctors' appointments and scans. Unfortunately the result of the blood test was not good - the tumour markers have increased in the 2 months since I last had chemo treatment. So.................... I'm back on the chemo tablets with strict instructions to take the correct dose as advised and to call immediately should I have any concerns. And to come back in a month, have another blood test and see the oncologist. News like this certainly causes the spirits to crash! I've been there before :)

I also consulted my GP about the pain in my left leg and side. She referred me for a CT scan on my spine and lumbar area to see if the tumours are tangling with nerves. Had the scan yesterday (Friday) and will see her again on Monday for the results. If her thoughts are correct then radiation is the only option. I'll worry about that when I get the verdict.

In the meantime, tomorrow I will conduct a wedding at Mt. Keira Lookout and get back on a plane on Tuesday afternoon to return to the Gold Coast, so that I can be prepared for my October 2 wedding, which will be held at a resort at Kingscliff.

The trip home last Wednesday was eventful. The 9am flight I was to catch was cancelled at 8.45am and I was lucky enough to get a seat on the 10am flight. As this change destroyed the arrangements I had for my arrival in Sydney, and my mind was busy with thoughts of calls to cancel stuff, I was delighted to find a special friend was also on the same flight. Her car was at the airport and she was happy to drive me home via the places I needed to visit on the way. We encountered a massive traffic snag due to a truck accident, so our trip together was much longer than it should have been.

My friends are amazing and I am continually grateful for the way they and the universe look after me when I'm in a bit of a pickle :) Thank you, Carol. It was an amazing day, with a magnificent friend.

Thank you to all my friends who make this life journey, which could be totally revolting, as eventful and happily serendipidous as it is.

Saturday 24 September @ 3.16pm

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Margaret said...

Hope the wedding went well and took your mind off your health for a little while. Will keep my fingers crossed for your results today.