Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in the Gong

Good morning from Wollongong! France is a very nice country. Paris is a wonderful, historic city. It was fun to be there. The Rugby World Cup atmosphere gave the whole experience just that little something extra.

My time in the Dordogne with my friend, Wilna, at her Chateau Lalinde was very special. We are the best of friends and Wilna is the supreme hostess. I felt like 'a Princess in a castle' the whole time I was there. My room even had a little tower window through which I could view the beautiful river with the white swans and ducks and pigeons that were constantly on the river. It was magic. Leigh and Bob spent a week with us there and then the week in Paris with me.

And now I'm home and it's all a wonderful memory. And I can dream and make plans about the next visit to France. But it's great to be home. I have the house to myself for the next week which will be a treat. Dad has gone to Hong Kong and will visit Nikki and Sam and the children while he's there. Tim's first baby is due in 2 weeks, so there's lots to plan for. Meanwhile, today will be 38'C, so the challenge will be to stay cool!


Mollie said...

At Shoalhaven's meeting tonight the members were most interested in your Blog, but very sorry to hear that you still have some health concerns. We all send our love and best wishes to you, some even send hugs and kisses.You are greatly loved by our members so take care.

Little D said...

Hi Terrie, I'm finally on the blog.

Thinking of you as always.
Little D