Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That 50/50 Chance

"There's a 50% chance that your cancer won't come back now. We'll monitor you regularly and it will be easy to zap the new small tumours, if they do come back, and keep it under control" These most welcome words were delivered to me by Professor David Morris following my liver surgery in January this year.

Well, 50% is only 50%, isn't it? Last month I had my regular CT scan and blood test, which had all been clear and very encouraging until this point. In early September the tests showed new tumours in the liver and some in the lymph glands close to the liver. Professor Morris sent me for more extensive tests which showed even more (yuk!), and said that they could be removed by more surgery. He encouraged me to go on my planned overseas trip and come to see him again on my return.

Which I did - and I saw him last week.

Further tests showed further growth in the existing tumours and more new tumours. (yuk again). He is examining the scans more closely with colleagues next Monday and will call me to let me know if he considers that they can all be removed with an operation. If not, then other treatment options will need to be considered - the most likely being chemotherapy.

So I am spending this week keeping myself, and particularly my mind, very busy - not dwelling on what might be. I have an appointment with the herbal doctor today (Thursday) and will discuss it all with him too.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, and say a prayer - if it is your custom.

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Jan Lawson said...

prayers have started

love jan and ron L