Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New email address

You can see at the top of the BLOG page that I have a Gmail email address. I will gradually move over to this address, but please feel free to use the address as well.


Bronwyn said...

Just discovered your blog. Fantastic. The pictures are wonderful. What a web guru!! Why doesn't that surprise me!!?? So glad to see you had a great time overseas. If we can lift you half as high as you have lifted us - and continue to do, you'll fly for years to come.



Anonymous said...

can't see anywhere your gmail address

Anonymous said...

Dear Terrie, Loved your tales of France and can imagine no one more suited to being mistress of a Chateau than Wilna. You are an intrepid traveller - shame the Concord was mothballed, although Singapore Airline's huge new airbus does have double beds!
Fingers, toes, heart..all crossed for you. Love, Rose.

Anonymous said...
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