Friday, October 26, 2007

New Email Address II

OK. So, now I've discovered that my gmail address only shows when I sign into the blog to make an entry. Sorry to confuse you. The gmail address is I'm using both email adddresses for a while but will eventually convert completely to the gmail address. Today is a stunning sunny, blue sky Wollongong day, so I'm going out to enjoy it while it lasts. Have a great day. :)


Steph said...

Bon jour, Terrie!
France sounds lovely, the rest not so lovely. Was serendipitously amazed to see your blog on logging in this morning as I had just thought I would email you to see how/where/what was up with you!
Will do whatever my "thing" may be to wish you good results!
Monterey, too, is lovely! While San Diego burned, we had high 70s - that is F degrees, not C types - and low tides with the beach perfect for me and Mina. We send our best!
Steph - PS remember please that I too have a new email,

MaryPickFlower said...

Hallo Lovely Lady,
Do put your picture back on the full screen, it is too lovely to be in minature. All my prayers and everything I've got is crossed for you when you have your next appointment. I know you as an extraordinary strong person. You gotta get their Terrie because we have to meet again some time.