Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book is launched

Well, today was book launch day. And it was a great success. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and warm, the wind was NOT blowing - the conditions were just perfect for the launch on the sandstone western courtyard outside the Gleniffer Brae manor house.

Champagne flowed, voices laughed and shared memories, and the formal proceedings paid respect to

  • the brilliant work done by the author, Dr Marcia Cameron, in recording the history of The School on the Hill, SCEGGS Gleniffer Brae
  • the founding headmistress, Kathleen McCredie, and her staff - beginning in 1955
  • the small committee of 'old girls' who supported the author in her work and organised the launch
It was a privilege (and lots of fun) to be a part of that committee and to be Master of Ceremonies at today's function. We had a friend there taking photographs, so if there are any really good ones, I'll post them when I receive them.

It was quite a tiring day for me, but I managed to pace myself, and I have a great sense of satisfaction now that it's done.

Tomorrow I visit my surgeon, Professor David Morris, who will obviously check my abdomen to see that all is OK. I hope it is. He will also tell me the result of the pathology, from what was removed, and let me know if I need to have radiotherapy treatment. I'm hoping that's not going to be the case, but.. we'll see. And then....

I'm heading off for 2 weeks holiday in Cairns. Two girlfriends are coming with me on Tuesday week to fly to the tropical town for some R&R and to escape the winter cold for a while.

All for now.. more tomorrow after seeing the surgeon.

Terrie 10.30pm Sunday 18 July

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