Monday, July 26, 2010

No chemo required:)

OK. Today's the day I set off for Cairns. I've been checking the temperatures and it's 10 degrees warmer in Cairns than here in Wollongong. Yippee! I've packed my swimmers and sarongs, sunglasses and sunhat -and a few other things. Cairns - here I come with my lovely friends. We plan to relax and relax and relax!

And then there's yesterday's visit to the oncologist. Now, he's the man who has been remiss for the past 2 years - not identifying the tumour that has been slowly growing. Anyway - I don't think he'll be remiss any more :) He says I don't need chemotherapy, that I am currently disease free, but that I need to see the radiotherapy expert as he thinks I might need radiotherapy directly onto the spot where the tumour was removed.

I have an appointment to see said specialist on 12 August. Meantime, warmth and sunshine in Cairns.

Terrie 10.30am Tuesday

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