Monday, July 5, 2010

All going well - Monday evening 5 July

Well, it's amazing that I haven't written here since last Wednesday. Since then I've quietly been getting stronger and feeling more comfortable.

My appetite is really healthy and I've been putting away 3 good square meals a day. My pre-hospital store of soups and casseroles is gradually being whittled down and I've also been enjoying delicious food brought in by special friends.

The glut of international sport on TV has helped keep me entertained into the wee small hours of the morning (sometimes) so that by the time I tuck myself in I have no trouble having a good night's sleep - often into the late hours of the morning. That and an afternoon nap most days ensures that my body is benefiting from the restorative powers of sleep.

Short walks have also been the order of the day and I've ventured as far as the light-house today - that's probably almost a kilomtere round-trip. A slow one, with a few stops to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

So...... eating well, sleeping well and walking well. Feeling good :) And, thanks to all my friends who have been coming in daily to help and to bring their stimulating company.

Thanks for reading and for all the wonderful messages.

Terrie 9pm


RedShoes said...

Great to read such good news! xxx

marcia said...

Have been waiting for this blog! So glad you are doing SO well!.
See you soon. I gather i may have to go to the Gong for a photo shoot tomorrow, so may see you then.

Lynne said...

Good to hear you are home and being cared for by so many loved and wonderful friends. It seems every day you get stronger so good luck for the next few weeks ..... and keep warm. Think of you often