Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home, Sweet Home Wednesday evening

Back in my own cosy little place in the Gong. My brother, Scott, collected me from the hospital yesterday, we had a very smooth ride and were at home well before lunch time.

The wonderful Roslyn had been to the shops and the place is well stocked.

So yesterday afternoon and today have been quiet, with wonderful friends coming to help with meals etc.

I return to see the surgeon on 19 July - in the meantime - rest and recouperate.

Terrie 6.30pm


Anonymous said...

Dear Terrie,
So good to know that you are home, and everything went well in your surgery. I am sending you all my best thoughts and wishes for a wonderful recovery.
Love, Inga

RedShoes said...

Wonderful to know you are safe and home! Take care, my dear friend.

Carmen in Pambula said...

Yay! Back in your own bed and own space, Doesn't that feel good. Just read your past 4 blogs and now up to date with the news. Hope you're enjoying the freezing weather we are experiencing.In the future (if you watch TV) you might see Jahne on Packed to the Rafters, and Home and Away, Rescue Special Ops and Rake. Minor parts, but peeking at you from the TV screen. By the way, I was born in St George must be a good place. I might add, this was well before private hospitals... Take care, Love Carmen