Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday evening - last entry from hospital bed

Confirmed today that I can go home tomorrow. Yippee! Clips from my surgical wound will be removed in the morning and then I can shower and be off. My little home beckons. Apparently it is extremely cold outside (nice here in the hospital). It will be nice to be out in the fresh air and I'll be rugged up to get to and from the car.

Today is my daughter's 40th birthday, so I've had a lovely chat with her on Skype - me in my hospital bed and she in her home in Durban, South Africa. She is off to one of the World Cup Soccer games later today. They are enjoying the festival atmosphere of the tournament and are tolerant of the vuvuzela trumpets that are an integral part of the African experience. The children love them, but are only allowed to play them outside the house.

So............ it's farewell and thanks to St George Private Hospital and its caring staff. It's my second time here and some of the staff remembered me from last time - I don't really want to become a regular.

Thanks to my friends who take the time to read my news and those who make a comment here or by email, sms, phone call or visit. Friends are the family you choose for yourself - I have a most wonderful extended family.

Next entry here will be made from the Gong

Terrie 7pm


Bronwyn said...

It has been very cold up here too, but not nearly as cold as you will be meeting tomorrow!! I hope the sun shines for you as you leave and go home.

Mollie said...

I hope that you are reading this sitting in the sun at home, or at maybe a cosy room. You must have felt strange listening to a lecture about your procedure !
Take care and continue to get well