Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One step forward and two steps back - Wednesday 23 June

Hi! Terrie here now.

Have just read the chirpy messages that Roslyn posted below. And they were so accurate. Once I was out of ICU and back in the ward I think that the adrenalin outstripped all other drugs - natural or otherwise.

Yesterday afternoon I fell in a heap and have been 'disciplined' by having the clear fluid privileges taken away. So, it's back to sipping ice only and to a drip to deliver the goodies my system needs.

The Prof says that this will remain the case for the next 24 hours and if nothing changes, I will have to have a CT scan of my abdomen to see what's causing the bile to come up and the wind 'not to pass'.

Hmmm. Hoping to feel some positive changes during that time.

Terrie 8.27am Wednesday 23 June.

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