Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wednesday afternoon

Hi all,
Here she is looking better this afternoon.


Bronwyn said...

Love the brilliant blue wrap!... and the smile ...

LESLEY said...

Hey ter i thought it was a bit rushed with yes eat what you like -you need the matron in charge of what to do when--loved seeing you yesterday--you looked good -- but I knew you were tired-but hey upwards and onwards all will be well just let it all settle hmmm doctors-if you look good and chirpy they think all good-buggar don't worry all will be good love Matron

MaryPickFlower said...

Wonderful to see you looking so good after such another huge challenge. You are really dynamite Terrie.
Will keep all my fingers crossed (with a few prayers thrown in)for successful SCAN results.
Keep up the good work dear lady.

RedShoes said...

WOW! fabulous to see you sitting up and looking a million dollars!! Go Girl, you go! xxxxxxxx

marcia said...

Terrie, hoping to see you tomorrow afternoon.